Strength and Conditioning Workouts

Obesity rates continue to rise and one reason for this may be that most strength and conditioning workouts don’t hold the interest of the user. When a fat loss workout is fun, users tend to lose fat and gain muscle. For this reason, when many other programs fail to help users lose weight, they turn to Turbulence Training, a program created by Craig Ballantyne. Not only does this program only require three workouts a week, all under an hour long, but results are seen in a short period of time to keep users motivated to continue with their weight loss goals.

Those who have used the program in the past love the fact that Craig Ballantyne maintains a Facebook page where users can ask questions which he will personally answer. Not many fitness experts offer this type of access. When following his Facebook page, users feel more comfortable making use of this program as it is clear that Mr. Ballantyne follows the same workout. Very few workout program creates offer this feature and users get a great deal when this program is purchased.

Turbulence Training comes with everything a person needs to reach his or her weight loss goals. The core of the program is the 76 page e-book which comes with a variety of workouts for all fitness levels. A one hour MP3 audio is included so users better under the fat loss philosophy and how to properly use the workouts in the book.

Buyers also get a four week bodyweight only workout and an advanced bonus fat loss workout along with a 30 day fat loss workout guide and the Turbulence Training nutrition guidelines for men and women. These extras come with the Turbulence Training kit offered online. An ebook reader version is also offered. Continue reading to learn more about that version of the program.

One problem that users did find when purchasing certain versions of this workout, such as the Kindle ebook reader version, is that the workouts cannot be printed off for use at the gym. The ebook reader would need to be taken to the gym to use the workouts. For this reason, many choose to purchase the downloadable version which may be viewed online and printed for gym use. As this is the only complaint users have, most find Turbulence Training to be exactly what they need to achieve their weight loss goals.

Some do feel this program should be free which it is not, but this isn’t a common complaint so most looking for strength and conditioning workouts will dismiss it. The only other drawback noted about this program is it is designed to be used at home. Some prefer to work out in the company of others. Anyone who falls into this category has the option of gathering friends at someone’s home to make use of the program so this shouldn’t hold anyone back either.

Turbulence Training has a great deal to recommend with only a few minor drawbacks. Anyone looking for new strength and conditioning workouts, ones with a proven track record, should consider making use of Turbulence Training. Users the world over have found this program to be of great help to them in achieving their weight loss goals.

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